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re-wilding advocate. earthcare artist.

frequency worker. film maker.


wild  WISDOM  project

a collection of 28 short films to Re-Wild the colonized mind and unlock a new generation of Earthcare Artists

There is wisdom in wildness, but the 3-headed beast of colonization, capitalism, and patriarchy have infected the world with Tameness Teachings. Through this upcoming project, I seek to unlock the minds of viewers and allow wildness to take root once again. Using the combined mediums of film, guided meditations, affirmations, binaural beats, and music, this project guides the viewer on a path of exploration of their own beliefs.


This compilation of 28 1-minute films conveys teachings of the natural world. Viewed in succession, the films reveal common themes that chip away at Tameness Teachings and allow the viewer to reprogram unconscious biases they hold about the natural world. Viewed singly, each individual 1-minute film revolves around themes of the essential nature of diversity, and how to identify the natural world vs the built world. The films will especially examine how the natural world is composed of cycles, vs the one-way streams found only in the built world.


The goal of this project is to:

1) engage and empower the viewer to reprogram their own minds from unconscious colonized conformity using tools from the mental health space, 

2) deepen their perception of cycles and interconnectedness in the natural world using facts and lessons found in nature, and

3) to re-wild a new generation of Earthcare artists who will take Earthcare action every day.

"Honor the Soil"
"Reincarnated Stardust"
"Our Soil Is Exhausted"
"Honor the Sun"
Guided Meditation Series


“Rewilding is not about abandoning civilization but about enhancing it. It is to 'love not man the less, but Nature more'.”          - George Monbiot

I am an Earthcare Artist and filmmaker. Earthcare is the combination of: ecological art (design/structure), healing art (Earth restoration, herbalism, food, mental health, frequency work), and performance art (improvisational relationships with nature).


Using my skills and training in these areas, I founded an Earthcare company called Farm-Based Foodie to fulfill my desire to make art in this way. I needed a way to live authentically, creating art in my day-to-day life, putting my anti-colonialism principles into action.


While this effective work has caused my business to grow to a local audience, it is not enough. The constraints of making one garden at a time prevent the reach that the work of Re-Wilding demands. I’ve been making short 1-minute films about Earthcare, but I’m now exploring the art of longer form film in order to make a deeper, wider range of impact.

Earthcare is :

ecological art


healing art

Earth restoration, herbalism, food, mental health, frequency work

performance art

improvisational relationships

with nature




I'm L.Be Sholar.

I believe that Nature and Sound are infallible teachers. Cycles are sacred. Death feeds Life... and to truly live you must spend time cultivating Joy.

I plant seeds for a living.

I partner with Nature to make art.

I am a Re-wilding Advocate, Earthcare Artist, Frequency Worker, Film Maker, and I want to introduce you to your wild side.

'About Me"


NBC New York Live with Farm-Based Foodie
Whoopi's Favorite Things on The View


Let's chat about how we can grow together.

If you live near Montclair, NJ and want to chat about Re-Wilding, Edible Garden Design, or Food Sovereignty Skills, head to Farm-Based Foodie and I'll see you there.
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